James Cuff

Founder and Partner, Technology Practice

Harvard University
Cycle Computing
Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Sanger Institute
European Bioinformatics Institute
Oxford University

Human Resources
Data Center
Cloud Deployment
Performance Tuning
Research Computing
Artificial Intelligence

Achieving computational balance through careful selection of resources
Talent spoting and team building
Building sustainable organizations that can scale
Years of scientific software development and execution
Critical writing and concise documentation
Advanced parallel storage systems at multi-petabyte scale
High performance technical computing

About James

James heads up the technology practice for witnix after retiring early from his senior role at Harvard University in the summer of 2017. Since retiring, and when not working with partners on advanced technology James also helps out with market development at Michele Clamp Art LLC (“probably the best watercolors in the world”). James also briefly wrote a few long form technical articles at The Next Platform about the complexity of practical computational balance and some targeted pieces about the crossover of AI and HPC.

James spent over a decade at Harvard, and was most recently appointed as Distinguished Engineer and Assistant Dean for Research Computing. At the start of his time at Harvard there was no recognized central computing facility, however by the time he retired, there were over 100,000 CPU and 35 petabytes of storage with tens of millions of dollars in annual operating budget that fell under his direct management.

Prior to Harvard, James devised and ran the Applied Production Systems Group at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT. While in the UK, James created the high performance computing infrastructure for Ensembl at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and the EBI. James holds a D. Phil. in Molecular Biophysics from Oxford University, and a B.Sc. degree in Chemistry with Industrial Experience from Manchester University.

James loves to understand the complexity and scale of modern advanced computing and when not deep inside a system or pipeline he can often be found running around the hills in Marlborough MA. As much as he loves technology, James doesn’t really care much for the hills.

You can contact James directly at james@witnix.com, or follow him on twitter @jamesdotcuff, and on LinkedIn.