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What about that logo then?

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When we started witnix, we knew that we would build three distinct but critical “legs” for our organization. The three legs we built eventually became our algorithm, technology and business practices. It is these three core practices that make up the witnix method. Each of these legs or pins needs to be carefully coordinated to communicate, understand and give appropriate feedback to each other for success.

In choosing a logo for our new organization, we wanted to find something that was sufficiently technical but also somewhat fun and approachable. Our thoughts immediately turned to transistors. Transistors are the underlying devices at the very heart of our modern technologies. We see a lot of transistors in our world, billions upon billions of them, so we stumbled upon using a stylized Junction Field Effect Transistor or “JFET” for our logo. Then we had to see if it actually made sense. Turns out, it all fits rather nicely.

Junction FET’s as we know, have three core legs, or pins: the gate, drain and source (or base, collector and emitter for bipolar transistors), so we took these to represent not only our technical and nerdy spirit, but also the three most important and critical “legs” of our organization: algorithms, technology and business.

Various types of FETs have been with us for decades, they not only drive our modern day traditional silicon based gates and logic for advanced compute but also have had beautiful characteristics as signal amplifiers.

Interestingly, common source JFET amplifier circuits also happen to have a fantastic ratio between input and output impedances. An amplifier also needs to carefully match the impedance between inputs and outputs while also not distorting or unintentionally modify the signal, and for any amount of output current, the JFET amplifier will also optimally generate and result in a high signal gain.

This is why we here at witnix often consider ourselves to be just like a carefully tuned amplifier. We effectively eliminate any impedance mismatches between your business and your technology, and then amplify your technologies to boost them and provide you with an enhanced high quality business signal against any potential background of technical noise and do this without adding any distortion.

So there we have it, and for those that asked. The witnix logo essentially represents one of the most fundamental core devices in modern technology, the transistor. Albeit small, it’s extremely powerful, and when carefully applied, results in not only significant reduction of noise but also the amplification of your organization’s most important signals for better gain with no distortion.