Blog from the witnix consulting practice

How does the word “sales” make you feel? Dirty, sleazy, pensive, on edge, uneasy? Does it make your heart race just a little bit faster and make you shift about in your chair a bit? You’re not alone. It’s typical for humans to react to being “sold to”. We all fear the unknown, and anybody who positions themselves to tell us that the unknown is actually going to be good for us, well that just makes us trust them even less.

It’s in our nature. It’s totally natural to fear, and to not trust the unknown.

High performance computing is now essentially ubiquitous, and it turns up in the most exciting and interesting places, none more so than within financial services. Technology has driven the shape of markets and investment techniques since the advent of the telegraph and ticker tapes. Today, advances in low latency interconnects, high speed large capacity clustered storage systems and accelerated offload computing engines have dramatically impacted not only the speed of executing transactions, but also the ability to handle ever more complex volumes of data. This is a good thing, we need ever more advanced systems to manage the deluge.

When we started witnix, we knew that we would build three distinct but critical “legs” for our organization. The three legs we built eventually became our algorithm, technology and business practices. It is these three core practices that make up the witnix method. Each of these legs or pins needs to be carefully coordinated to communicate, understand and give appropriate feedback to each other for success.