We are experienced technology leaders who apply our experience and intelligent methods to accelerate your systems.

We have years of experience in academia and industry rooted deep inside complex organizations, building sophisticated advanced technologies and world class teams.

Our approach acts as an accelerant to align and enhance your infrastructure, systems, teams and software to enable you to achieve scale. We help you do more, faster.

Open dialogue, faster scaling


Years of scientific research allow us to ask the right questions the first time and understand the background of your organization and where you want to go. Only then do we work with you to develop enhanced processes to accelerate your technology pipelines.


We can scale your systems end-to-end quickly and with rock solid reliability for future growth. We help scale your software, people, hardware and cloud solutions. Scale is everywhere in the modern business, we know how to best exploit it for your advantage.


No consultancy practice ever knows all the answers, we dig in deep and quickly uncover the ways to achieve scale in your organization. We do this by examining your entire delivery ecosystem from staffing to compute to software systems carefully integrating your data storage and pipelines.


As you grow, we are right there with you, we build long term meaningful relationships with our partners to enable their success. Your complex system will be enhanced allowing for higher revenues and faster delivery to your customers. We also know when to get out of your way and watch you grow.


We know and understand software. Millions of lines of scientific software development has given us the know-how to understand all aspects of the code pipeline. We are unique in that we can couple this software know-how with advanced reference architectures for compute, networking and storage.


Because of our proven velocity in achieving results with complex systems at scale, on time, and under budget, many have said we are magical. We aren't. It is simply many years of experience. Experience you can leverage to win, quickly.

What we do, how we do it

We love working with new and established advanced technology organizations alike. When you find you have a scaling issue, want to grow, deliver results even faster, let’s talk about how our approach will help you. We help build efficient platforms, processes and technology engaging at the earliest stages of your systems development, or downstream to help you with the challenges of scale.

We have experience in algorithm and advanced large-scale technology deployments inside of the world’s largest and most prestigious academic and technology organizations. We will quickly help you to accelerate and scale your product, pipelines, technology, teams and services.

We are advocates of transparency, clarity and candor. We will work quickly and directly with you and your teams to apply our novel and open methods to document and enhance your processes so you can achieve your goals faster, then we get out of the way and watch your teams, processes and systems fly!


Significant experience in bioinformatics derived from decades of work at prestigious world class genome sequence centers and life sciences research organizations, help us understand your complex processes. From scaling existing systems, to building new pipelines, we can help develop novel analysis algorithms tightly coupled with the right reference architecures to help gain insights from your real world, complex data.

Higher Education

Years of experience running research computing and informatics organizations with tight budgets have given our team indepth insight into the process of how to succeed inside higher education. We have built world-class research computing and informatics organizations and we understand the challenges they face to achieve scale under financial and resource constraints quickly.


We have decades of experience at the sharp end of high performance computing with real world application of neural networks, machine learning and deep learning, alongside an in-depth knowledge of the advanced parallel storage systems and accelerators needed to keep up with the vast computation needed for modern data science. We know how to help you build advanced architectures to develop your products faster

Big Data & Data Science

We understand that all organizations have hidden big data and analytics scaling challenges. We've managed, conceived and built multiple petabyte scale advanced data analytics systems. We also know and understand the software you need to scale out your data analytics and services. We will help you to be more precise and to go faster than your competition by aligning informatics and compute with care and thought.

Life Sciences

Scaling issues are everywhere in modern life sciences, we know we have experienced it. We can accelerate your pipelines and work to build strong organizational interactions with central IT and research technology departments so you can do more, more quickly. Our case studies and reference documentation will help explain to senior leadership the alignment and value of your technology platforms.

Product Development

Showcasing your product can be intimidating. We can build validated usecases using real world examples to show how your product can improve your customer's outcome quickly. We construct detailed whitepapers and position documents to explain why scale matters and how your product can eliminate challenging bottle-necks for your customers.

Data Visualization

From working on the human genome to building complex visualization toolkits, the witnix team are experts in selecting the right technology to get the job done at scale. We have expertise in building solutions using open tools such as R and developing cross-platform visualizations on the web and native desktop apps.

Technology Transfer

Many world class technologies start in academic and research institutes. We can help build validated use cases to enable you to carefully explain and market your technology so you can move towards securing funding, customers and resources for further development and growth. witnix accelerates your time to market, whatever your market is.

Organizational Dynamics

We have built, devised and constructed world class teams from scratch. We understand how technology organizations work and what is needed for success. We are able to help you devise new organizational structures to pivot at points of change, technology refresh and as a result of new or additional scaling challenges. We carefully map your systems architectures directly to your organization so you can be ready for future scale.

Site review

Organizations change shape under pressure. Pressure can be induced by increased data volume, new markets, expansion and growth. We have considerable experience of the effect of pressure on organizations and we can not only review your current status, but also provide you with a path to future success. We do this by carefully coupling informatics, systems architectures and most of all the brilliant people you have, and will need to hire to succeed with your new scale.

Venture Capital and PE

If you have a company in your portfolio who is ready to grow at speed we can help by filling the roles of intermediate CTO, VP Engineering, VP Software & Analytics or VP Informatics. Your company will grow faster and we can help you uncover the perfect experts to hire full time so your portfolio can continue to scale.

Early stage startups

Technology companies who have amazing ideas and are just starting out on their wonderful new journey to deliver their product always need help to grow more quickly. We can help you think about and enhance your systems, process, architectures and organization so you can better position yourself for future scale.

Experienced Leadership

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